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Chronicles Of Chaos 15/3/2008

 Parasophisma - _A Variable Invariability..._ (Zero Budget Productions, 2007)
by: Quentin Kalis (8.5 out of 10)

The title given above is not the complete title, but has been abbreviated for want of space. (The full title is the gloriously overblown _A Variable Invariability Varied in Dependency on Variations Caused by the Invariability of Invariability Remains the Same When All the Variations of Fractals of Delight Have Been Done_.) It´s unlikely that Parasophisma are overly concerned about accusations of pretentiousness; the gem below is an excellent example of their lyrics:

"The community of the sad rejoicing over their sadness is a community of the happy, because they rejoice in their sadness. They become the community of the sad when their sadness brings them joy. They will rejoice over their sadness no longer, and thus will cease to sadden, thus they may become happy, because who saddens not rejoices and who rejoices is happy." ("Who Rejoices is Happy, Who Saddens Not Rejoices")

Czech translations are provided for their fellow countrymen, but are only less opaque than the above. I am forced, however, to retract everything I have said in previous reviews about pretension, whether prog or black metal -- no Counts, Lords or fretboard wankery can come close to this!

Pomposity is not limited to the lyrics but is an integral part of their music, as for all their growls and heavy riffs, they are a prog metal band at heart, easily fulfilling the prog pre-requisites of unusual time changes and myriad tangential explorations -- the latter so numerous and twisted that Ariadne´s thread is needed to navigate this work. The vocal style is just as varied, ranging from the aforementioned growls through to Perry Farrell-esque falsetto, and what sounds like hardcore style burst at the beginning of "Paralogism and Sophistry". Female vocals also emerge intermittently, but are hardly needed to provide variety.

A varied and experimental work from a project that we are sure to hear more of in the future.
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