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Burning Misery /5.1.2008

A Variable Invariability Varied in Dependency on Variations Caused...
Parasophisma is one strange sounding band, but definitely not boring! They consider themselves an experimental band it seems, I have to agree with this type of playing. A lot of melody, satire seems to be evident in the songs as well as an 80’s type of feel mixed in with a metalcore/heavy metal sound also! The vocals are the weirdest yet, sounds like somebody with water falling in their mouth trying to sing! It doesn’t sound bad, it just sounds weird! Some very cool lead guitar comes across here, also a blend of thrash from the early 90’s maybe late 80’s in this release. This is one good debut for the music Parasophisma is doing here. There are 9 tracks with about 47 minutes of good, strange brew, a death/black/thrash/speed metal/grindcore/heavy metal/weird!!!! If you’re a fan of Gore Beyond Necropsy, or if you remember Disharmonic Orchestra then you’ll get a small idea of what you’re working with here. The biggest blend of genre I have ever heard, along with the most variety of genre music I have ever heard.. If Parasohisma wanted to be considered an original band, well, they have achieved this goal by far! Every song gives a huge sound of mixed talent and groovy beats and sways as the album keeps playing, you’ll fucking dig it. Fans of LSD and Mushrooms will love this debut also!
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