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Arcana Noctis 11/2007

Parasophisma - “A variable Invariability…”
(Czech Republic, Zero Budget Productions, Experimental Metal, 2007)

The story of Parasophisma is a pretty strange and sad one. The band split up two times already since it was founded in 1994 by Dalibor Figura (songwriter, drummer, singer & designer) - in fact it looks like he is Parasophisma, all the other members being just session musicians. Two EP’s were released before the second “resurrection” took place this year with a new line up: “Sole Light Point in void Tangle of luminous Rays of incompatible Directions” in 1994 and “One of neverending possible Progressions and Variants, which rise maybe...” in 1998 (both of them are now available together on CD-R). Strange titles, especially for albums, but I suppose they’re not after money or high chart positions. I’ve read that they never were that successful but nevertheless one of the most respected Czech Metal bands.

The material on this debut CD, which has the longest name I know (possibly a chance for an entry in the “Guinness Book of World Records”?) was recorded in the so called second generation back in 2000 but they didn’t manage to release it until now. This year it was re-mastered and the Czech label Zero Budget Productions finally released it.
It’s very hard to find the right words for this review, in almost 50 minutes Parasophisma are presenting us a pretty original mix of almost all Metal genres. The self description is avant-garde experimental Doom/Death Metal with influences of Jazz, Big Beat and other styles of music including solo and backing flute parts and male & female vocals. Strange… but quite true. Some bands I think of when listening to this album are Primus, (older) Metallica, Megadeth, Mike Patton’s projects and maybe some experimental Black/Death bands, but in my opinion most of the time it’s comparable to Dog Fashion Disco, another strange band which never had the success it deserved…

You can find here plenty of ingenious riffs and ideas, great complicated progressive songs, performed by very talented musicians. I don’t know much about the skills you need to play stuff like this but these guys are obviously above average. They’ve explored every possible Rock scenario on this album on a high technical level. The singer is able to do all kinds of vocals and also has the balls to sing in unusual ways, from clean vocals (sometimes high pitched, sometimes distorted) to Black Metal screams (fitting to the short but intensive blast beat parts) there is every variation including some Patton-like experiments (just not that crazy)… Also, the flute and the few female vocals are making the songs pretty special.
It’s hard to pick a favorite, each track seems to consist of several different ones but I think I like the over seven minutes long opener and the third track (imagine a mix of Megadeth’s “Rust in Peace” spiced with flutes, acoustic parts and male & female vocals) most.

The very good production which allows you to enjoy every instrument and a nice design are making this CD complete. The only negative point could be the difficulty of the tracks, most of the “common” Metal listeners won’t have the patience for this album, but I think this is what makes it even more interesting. Check them out!

Here’s the whole album title and the tracklist, I think in this case it might be interesting:

“A variable Invariability varied in Dependency on Variations caused by the Invariability of Invariability remains the same when all the Variations of Fractals of Delight have been done”

1. The Contrariety of Someone’s generally recognized “common Thoughts“
2. Infiltration of impossible Ways of Attainment
3. The vain Effort of Pedanties
4. Slave’s Laughter of Hypocrisy, Dissimulation and daily Life
5. Paralogism & Sophistry
6. Tips and Tricks for successful attaining one’s Goal (for Women only)
7. The Law of double Negation/Song of a thirsty Dog
8. Who rejoices is happy, who saddens not rejoices
9. ...with Accuracy exceeding the Possibility of its achieving...

Playing time: 47:15

Review by Dr.Wint
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